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Rosie feels fortunate to live in Yorkshire where there is an abundance of natural inspiration on the Yorkshire moors, coastline and the Dales. For Rosie the process often begins when she is out walking and is drawn to something within nature and the yorkshire landscape which she captures on camera. She collects images and objects with interesting colours and textures and uses these as inspiration for preliminary sketches and the development of her ideas back in her studio.


Having selected her colour palette Rosie begins to sample yarns on her loom in different colour combinations and experiments with weave structures and how the warp and weft colours and textures play together.

Then comes the making of the warp and the delicate process of threading up the loom. This is a lengthy process requiring great care and attention.

Finally she is ready to begin weaving. By introducing different coloured yarns into the weft, new and unexpected patterns can emerge. This makes Rosie's process of weaving  both structured and organic. No two weaves are the same and each piece of woven fabric is unique.

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